Be a Big and Change a Life!

Be a Big Sister—help a Little go a long wayThis is your chance to start something big. As a Big Sister, you can help impact the life of a child for the better. Great things can happen, no matter how little they start.

Bigs start something beautiful.

Doing good is a beautiful thing. As a Big Sister, you can give a girl an opportunity to see beyond her everyday world and dream big. It’s good for your Little, as well as your community. And it can start with simply letting her enjoy the things you already love to do, but can grow into something bigger.

For just a couple of hours a week or month (depending on the program), you can give a Little the invaluable gift of your friendship. By simply changing their perspective of what the world can offer, you can literally start changing their lives. Play a board game. Make fun crafts. Hit the playground together. Just as your options are unlimited, so is your Little’s potential.

But don’t just take it from us. Go to our Real Life Stories of Bigs & Littles page for some amazing stories of what it means to be a role model. And if you still have questions, head over to our Big Sister FAQs for more answers.

Ready to be a Big Sister? Just fill out this simple online form. After you complete it, a Big Brothers Big Sisters staff member will contact you shortly.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters our number one priority is child safety which is why we put all volunteers through a thorough application and background check.  Read up on the steps to our application and matching process and then start the process here.

For more information about being a Big in Kansas City, please contact Scott Cruce, Recruiter, at or 816.777.2892.

For more information about being a Big in Nodaway County, please contact Lynette Harbin at or 660.562.7981.
For more information about being a Big in St. Joseph, please contact Tiffany Miller at or 816.671.4090.
For more information about being a Big in Johnson County, MO, please contact Stormy Taylor at or 660.429.1991.

Know someone who’d be a great Big Brother?
At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we’re always looking for more men to be mentors. Fact is, we have boys ready and waiting to be matched with a role model. So tell the guys you know to sign up to become Bigs. They can do all the fun things they love to do already, like play video games, go fishing, even play football—only now they'd get to enjoy it with a child who can truly benefit from it. Read more about being a Big Brother.


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