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BBBS-KC named Agency of the Year

Out of 400 local agencies nationwide, BBBSA recognized Kansas City as the top agency in the country.  More >

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  • Straight Talk with Jason Whitlock *NEW DATE*
  • Due to a possible wild card play off game for the Kansas City Royals, we've moved this event to Wednesday, October 1.  ESPN Sportswriter, Jason Whitlock is back in Kansas City for one night only and he's bringing some straight talk about sports. Join Jason on Wednesday, October 1, along with his special guests, Frank Boal and Sean Tyler, for food drinks and great conversation while learning more about how you can get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Visit to RSVP.  


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  • BBBSKC Named Ingrams Magazine Best Non Profit in KC
  •  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City was recognized in this month's issue of Ingram's magazine as the Best Non-Profit, earning a Gold status.  Thank you for your support in helping put BBBSKC on top.  Visit to read more about KC's Best of Business.
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  • Kansas City Chiefs host Chiefs Charity Game during the first pre-season game of the year
  • Over $600,000 raised for Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • The Kansas City Chiefs took on the Cincinnati Bengals at the first pre-season game of the year.  However, this game takes on a new meaning to area kids.  This game, coined the Chiefs Charity Game, has raised over $600,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters this year. 
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  • Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City (BBBS-KC) ended their largest annual fundraiser, Bowl For Kids’ Sake with fantastic results. The agency raised over $490,000, which surpassed their original goal of $485,000 and is a record-high total for the event. BBBSKC celebrated this successful Bowl for Kids' Sake at the Super Team Party on Aug. 1. Thank you to all who participated, donated and sponsored. 


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  • Gene and Mario: Matched for 9 years, friends for life.
  •   Nine years.  A high school graduation.  A college scholarship. Hours of video games.  Countless movies.  Good times.  Hard times.  Happy times.  All of this started with a call from single mom Patti Myers.

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  • BBBS-KC named one of two beneficiaries of UMB's Big Bash and be awarded $50,000
  • UMB announced on Tuesday, February 18 that Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City (BBBS-KC) and CASA would be the beneficiaries of the annual UMB Big Bash, a concert event that will be held June 19 at the Uptown Theatre. Last year's raised over $100,000, $50,000 per organization.

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  • Mission 350 Accomplished! 350 Matches Made Since Aug. 1
  • Mission: Match 350 Waiting Kids by 2014
  • On February 12, 2014, we made our 350th Match of our Mission 350 campaign.  This campaign that started in August 2013 is a record breaking accomplishment.


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