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2019 Big Brother of the Year Finalists

Each year, Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City recognizes one Big Brother, one Big Sister, and one Big Couple as Bigs of the Year for their extraordinary dedication to helping their Little achieve their biggest possible futures. Here are this year's three finalists for Big Brother of the Year!

David Nobrega

David has been a constant in Little Brother Sean's life for 2 and a half years. Sean has said that Dave is always there to listen when he is having a tough time, and he understands when he doesn't want to talk about some things. Sometimes he feels like he just needs to get out of the house and get away for a little while, and Dave is the perfect person to do that with. Moreover, Sean has said that his Big Brother constantly encourages and supports him in all that he does.

David noticed that his Little was struggling in school and took it upon himself to set his Little up with a reading and math tutor. David personally takes him to the tutoring sessions twice a week. Sean's mom said that the difference in his school performance has been amazing. She said not only have his grades improved, but he has started showing more enthusiasm toward school as well. His teacher even reached out to his mom and said that he has started participating in class and enjoys himself much more because he has a better understanding of things now!

From Sean's mother: "I nominated Dave because he's a big help for me and my son. Dave goes above and beyond. He helps my son with everything, such as homework, projects, reading books, math, and so on. Dave is very loving and caring. They go golfing, go to games, he takes my son to church, and they go to almost every BBBS event. My son looks up to Dave. Dave is a role model to my son, and I can tell he is making a change in the way he does things. Dave doesn't only care for my son, he also cares for me and my family. He helps us out a lot and I am so happy to nominate Dave for Big Brother of the Year."

From Little Brother Sean: "Big Brother, you are my everything and I am not going to stop loving you. You have done a lot for me and I love you. I love your family very much, and I love you too. Thank you for everything you have done for me. You've been a good Big Brother, and I have been a good Little Brother. He and I, we just have a lot of fun. You are my bro and you are always a part of my family — the end. From Little Bro to Big Bro."

Big Brother David and Little Brother Sean.

Maurice Kratz

Maurice has helped his Little Brother, Malachi, grow so much. When Maurice and Malachi met, Malachi was very quiet and struggling at school. Maurice stepped up and treated him as a brother and has continued to help Malachi become a better Malachi. He makes sure Malachi has experiences that will make him better in life and are also experiences that he will enjoy. Whether it's just going out to eat, shopping, or to the movies, Maurice makes every minute count and always shows Malachi the way to be a gentleman and a great man.

For a long time, it had been hard for Malachi to trust anyone when they would say they would do something. Maurice has helped show Malachi that, yes, people can be trusted to keep their word, and that Malachi is worth showing up for. Maurice has been there for Malachi for every holiday since they started. He even stays on top of the little things, too, like always making sure to text him and tell him "Happy *insert holiday*!"

From Malachi's mother: "I can't thank Maurice enough for everything he does for Malachi — I have seen so much growth in him. Maurice helps Malachi experience life from a man's perspective, and no matter what life throws at him, he still is there for Malachi. It is so hard to put into words everything that Maurice is to our family and how much he has helped me by just being there for Malachi.

He has attended school meetings and sports events. He has helped talk to Malachi about being respectful to me and he has helped Malachi learn how to not be so angry all the time. Maurice has helped my son find his voice and his passion in life, and I can never express it well enough or thank him enough for bringing my happy, goofy, playful, ball-of-energy Malachi back."

From Little Brother Malachi: "I think he is really special because he helps me stay motivated to do better in school.  He always talks with me about how to be a better person and how to be respectful to people. He is a very caring and gentle person and I hope that when I get older that I will be that way, too. Maurice has changed my life for the better, and I’m glad that I can be myself with him."

Big Brother Maurice and Little Brother Malachi.

Adam Miller

Since day one, Adam has been intentional in getting to know Little Brother Daryl and help him figure out where he sees himself and what he wants to do with his life. Adam helped Daryl with ACT Prep, college visits, and everyday life lessons. Adam even helped Daryl get a checking account. Throughout the years, Adam has been able to introduce Daryl to different members of the community and shown him the importance of how to carry himself, how to have a strong presence, have confidence, and to be inclusive to everyone.

Adam was instrumental in helping Daryl figure out the process of choosing a college and in obtaining scholarships. Adam continues to be there for Daryl as he navigates his first year at college and will be there at the drop of a hat whenever Daryl needs something. Adam has taken on his role as a Big seriously, and with a touch of humor and style! He continues to show that he believes in all that BBBSKC does, whether it’s raising money as a BFKS Team Captain, (former) Most Wanted Auction Honoree, Diversity Task Force member, newly elected Board member, or RISE emcee!

From Daryl's mother: "From the moment I met Adam, I knew he would be the perfect match for my son Daryl. Not only could he make Daryl laugh, but he knew how to get through to him about the important things in life, too. He has helped my son through really tough times, really tough decisions, and continues to be there for him now as he continues his journey in college. I can’t thank him enough. He's more than a role model — he is what my son strives to become: a caring, compassionate man who gives everything he has without hesitation. We need more people like Adam in this world."

From Little Brother Daryl: "Adam has definitely been the best mentor I could have ever asked for. Watching Adam and who he is has made me change the way I carry myself not only as a person, but as a man. He is the main male figure and father figure in my life, and though he is always busy and always involved, he has always made the time for me whenever I needed it and to just be there.

Seeing how Adam carries himself and how hard working he is, not just in his career, but in all he does and puts into the community too, has given me the drive to be successful and made me know the importance of giving back to my community. Having Adam as a Big has given me the opportunity to see and know how I want to live in the future."

Big Brother Adam and Little Brother Daryl.