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5 reasons you should join the Big Impact Group

Just like how an internship is a perfect way to get your feet wet in a new industry, the Big Impact Group is the perfect opportunity for young professionals to start building their nonprofit resume.

Every nonprofit organization has a Board of Directors. This board is tasked with leading the organization, and usually does so through defining and guiding the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

Volunteer positions on these boards are often geared toward more seasoned professionals that have worked their way up the ladder and established a more long-term career. This can make it difficult for young professionals that are fresh out of college or new to Kansas City to get involved in leadership roles with organizations that share their passions.

That’s why in 2009, we created the Big Impact Group, or BIG. BIG offers young professionals in Kansas City an opportunity to gain practical experience in nonprofit leadership through expanding awareness for BBBSKC and contributing to agency efforts to recruit Bigs and raise funds.

Interested? Click here to apply.

Still need some convincing? Here are 5 reasons you should join.

1. Make new friends, network with other young professionals

TJ Collins, current president of BIG, says it best: “What could be better than networking with like-minded young professionals, creating new friendships, and building a better Kansas City together, all while enjoying an ice-cold refreshment in your hand?”

BIG members have countless opportunities to connect with new people from all around Kansas City and across a wide variety of industries. BIG meets every other month, and each meeting is bookended with happy hour time for BIG members to build relationships and have a drink together.

Outside of their regular meetings, BIG members also enjoy regular social outings - check out this post from our recent visit to Blade and Timber.

2. Grow personally and professionally

BIG is perfect for young professionals that are new to the nonprofit world. By offering opportunities for members to contribute to annual fundraising and recruitment events, BIG offers hands-on training that will grow you professionally and prepare you for future opportunities.

One such event is our annual March Matchness recruitment event. This past year, BBBSKC collected over 700 referrals, and BIG members were responsible for 74% of those referrals alone. That’s experience that will serve you well for your entire career.

3. Contribute to a top BBBS agency

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City has won the Agency of the Year award for 4 of the past 6 years. No other BBBS agency in America has won it more than once. BBBSKC was also recently recognized as the fastest growing agency in the country.

“BBBSKC is ran at such a high-quality level,” said Ethan Corday, a current member of BIG. “It’s very refreshing to be a part of an organization that is top-notch, organized, and very intentional with every meeting and event.”

By joining BIG, you’ll get to be a part of an agency that is leading the charge for innovation and growth in our organization.

4. Build experience for future opportunities

Just like how an internship is a perfect way to get your feet wet in a new industry, BIG is the perfect opportunity for young professionals to start building their nonprofit resume.

“As I grow in my professional and charitable skills, I anticipate being on new boards in the future,” said Amelia Mendus, the current marketing chair for BIG. “BIG has given me a really clear understanding of how charitable boards and the organizations they support are governed — that foundational knowledge will be key to my next step.”

5. See the impact you’re making up-close

Finally, BIG is an incredible opportunity to not just feel like you’re making a difference, but also see it in action in real time. Over half of the current BIG board members are Big Brothers and Big Sisters themselves. For many of them, it was their Little Brother or Little Sister that motivated them to join the board in the first place.

“The impact of BBBSKC in the lives of kids is immediate and life-changing,” said Alyssa Dinberg, a current member of BIG. “I was captivated by the potential we have to make a difference and couldn’t stop at just being a Big — I had to do more.”

Join us in creating life-changing friendships — become a member of the Big Impact Group!

The Big Impact Group, 2018.