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Jhudanne: "I've Got Big Plans"

“I wouldn’t consider myself much of a dreamer. The word seems to have this hazy connotation. It’s almost as if a dream is something meant only for today, just to be cleared out by the glaring rays of reality tomorrow. Dreams are too temporary.

Instead, I’ve taken a liking to plans. There’s a certain amount of effort and dedication put into a plan, that makes it more tangible than a dream. Plans can change or get postponed, but rarely do they get cancelled. Hence why, all my goals, aspirations, and hopes are all things that I don’t dream, but plan to do in my future.

As I enter Iowa State University as a freshman majoring in biology, my plan is to become educated about the natural world around me, so I’ll be able to contribute to the wellbeing of the people, plants and animals living in it.

I would like to go abroad as a conservation veterinarian, spending a majority of my career passionately working to fix problems in the animal kingdom. But once I become too old to chase primates around the Congo, I plan to volunteer with Veterinarians Without Borders, and then eventually open my own private practice, where I will be able to live out the rest of my life treating lovable pets.”

— Jhudanne Fletcher, Ambassadors of Potential Scholarship Recipient