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Kyra: "I'm Confident and Ready"

“I feel that many individuals are afraid of speaking on things they feel should be different — but not me. It makes me proud that I’ve developed this forceful drive at such a young age. I love that I feel confident voicing my opinions,  as I never know the impact I may cause one day.

I’ve questioned why I was the first in my family to attend college, and I feel that the reason is due to unknown financial burdens, as well as the lack of scholarships that were available at the time. Having the opportunity to receive financial aid to attend college and pursue my goals in life is an essential link to my future. My goal of providing underprivileged individuals access to the same resources with just as much ease and effort as those of higher economic status may just be the support system to significantly impact the next generation of great minds.

Scholarships have opened many doors for individuals who have gone on to earn a college degree and change the world. Knowing that there is someone who recognizes my passion and service only motivates me to continue accomplishing remarkable things in life. I plan to utilize my passion to share my knowledge, support, and services as a family lawyer, financial planner, and social entrepreneur.”

— Kyra Colbert, Ambassadors of Potential Scholarship Recipient