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Mar'Queies: "Now It's My Turn"

"There are so many ways that having a college degree would help me reach my goals, but the biggest would be to make my mother proud — she is my life. I was born when she was just a senior in high school. Even as a brand new mother, she pursued college to become a nurse.

Unfortunately, she didn't get many scholarship opportunities, and she was forced to drop out to care for me. When I was ten years old, my mother went back to college to finish what she had started, and seeing her work so hard inspired me to do great things in my life.

My family has not always had many opportunities to pursue higher education in the past. But that’s slowly starting to change: my older cousin recently graduated from the University of Kansas, and another cousin is currently attending UCM on full scholarship.

A college degree would grant me access to career paths that would otherwise be closed for me. I aspire to be one of the top lawyers in Kansas City. I've met, shadowed, and learned from lawyers and have received all kinds of great advice — but every lawyer I’ve met with has said some version of this: “Get ready to work hard in college, harder in law school, and harder than you have ever thought about working to pass this thing we call life.”

Whenever I ask my cousins what college is, they always say, “A fresh start, a new journey of growth and achievement.” For me, a college degree is about freedom: The freedom to choose my own path, the freedom to make my own life, and the freedom to help better the lives of others with my time and talents.

Now it’s my turn to prove myself and continue this new tradition in the family."

— Mar'Queies Johnson, Ambassadors of Potential Scholarship Recipient