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2017 Top 10

Happy New Year BBBS Friends!  What a year 2017 has been for our agency.  In honor of a new year we wanted to take a chance to thoroughly celebrate a very, very successful year last year so without further ado, I present you with BBBSKC’s Top 10 List of 2017!


10. Micheal Lawrence celebrates 25 year BBBS anniversary:  Our CEO celebrated his 25th year with BBBSKC this March.  Micheal started his career as a Case Manager in 1992, over the years he’s held nearly every position in the agency and has been the CEO for 10 years.  2017 was a year of celebrating his accomplishments and recognizing him for all of his hard work.  We kicked it off at the Match Banquet with a tribute to him, we hosted an internal staff party complete with a party bus and a roast from co-workers, we threw a party with external supporters and volunteers and even permanently recognized him in our BBBSKC headquarters.

9. 10,796,698 pounds of thrift collected to benefit BBBSKC:  Whoa, picture over 10,000,000 pounds of clothes for a second.  The collection of clothing, shoes and household items has become a game-changer for BBBSKC.  Just over 10 years ago, this source of income was declining and was in danger of disappearing, but thanks to a reorganization of the business model, a surge in the economy and a refocus, the Donation Center is thriving and providing nearly $1,000,000 in revenue for BBBSKC annually.  

8. 158 new Match Makers in 2017:  Our Match Maker monthly giving program began as a pilot 5 years ago, now, 5 years later we have 650 monthly Match Maker donors that contribute to the agency.  This year proved to be the most successful year with 158 new people signing up.  The Match Maker program is thriving and BBBS affiliates from across the country are adopting the same program in their markets.  We are proud to be the founders of this significant program.

7.  Record-breaking $833,322 Raised at Bowl for Kids’ Sake:  Bowl for Kids’ Sake did it again!  This important event is our largest fundraiser of the year and the last few years we’ve really been on a roll!  Thanks to our supporters and participants we broke records on the number of teams participating and funds raised and fun fact Bowl for Kids’ Sake participants even consumed 1,133 pizzas!!! Raising $833,000 for kids in Kansas City really makes spending a month in a bowling alley SO worth it!

6.  New Satellite Office added in Clinton, MO:  BBBSKC is the proud headquarters of satellite locations in Warrensburg, St. Joseph and Maryville, MO.  In 2017, a group of motivated, community-minded individuals from Clinton, MO, approached BBBSKC regarding being our 4th satellite office.  We were so impressed with the community and passion that this group had, we gladly brought them on and began serving matches in late 2017.

5.  800 new Bigs Recruited:  Cheers to the 800 new men and women across our city that decided to take the step and become a Big Brother, Big Sister or Big Couple this year.  We hosted our 3rd annual March Matchness contest and launched our Chiefs Ambassadors partnership that will help recruit volunteers for the next 3 years.  Our volunteers are the heart and soul of BBBSKC and without them, none of this is possible.

4.  BBBSA brand transformation project:  In early 2017, Micheal Lawrence and the marketing team at BBBSKC were approached by the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  The network was in need of a brand transformation.  Our local agency has built a marketing team but many affiliates across the country have little to no marketing assets or teams to promote the need for volunteers and funding; therefore, leading to the decline in volunteerism and revenue.  Pam Iorio, CEO of BBBSA, admired BBBSKC’s marketing approaches and asked that our team lead a nationwide effort to modernize the brand.  We approached neighbors and agency supporters Barkley for their help on this large project.  Barkley, BBBSKC and a task force of leaders across the country have begun the brand transformation project and are looking forward to unveiling it in June 2018.

3.  13 new staff added:  Adding to our staff is one of our favorite things!  New staff means new opportunities to grow.  We are proud of the culture we have built here at BBBSKC and love and value adding new talent to the staff.  In 2017, we added 1 new recruitment team member, 1 new marketing team member, 3 new development and fundraising team members and 5 new program team members including client enrollment and case managers for our ACES and traditional programs.  Each new team member brings something new, fresh and exciting for our agency.

2.  Awarded Agency of the Year:  Surely, you’ve seen the news by now but one of our top moments from the year was when BBBSKC was awarded Large Agency of the Year at the BBBS National Conference in June.  This highly coveted award recognizes BBBS agencies that are at the top of the network for both children served and revenue.  BBBSKC was honored for it’s creative and business-like strategies and ability to grow faster than any other BBBS agency in the country.  This year marked the 4th year out of the past 6 years that BBBSKC has won this honor.  No other BBBS agency has ever won it more than once.

1. 509 New Matches Made:  Our top moment of 2017 is what it all comes down to, matching more children with Bigs than ever before.  We ended the year with 509 new Big and Little Matches.  That’s 509 new life-changing friendships.  That’s 509 children who may now realize their potential and stay on the path to leading successful and productive lives.  That is something we are SO proud of and we couldn’t do any of this without YOU.