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6 Easy Ways to Help BBBSKC

If you are a follower of Big Brothers Big Sisters, you probably know that our two biggest needs are 1) Bigs and 2) Donations.

There’s no way of getting around the fact that in order to match more kids with mentors we need caring, adult volunteers that are willing to spend their time with a child in a life-changing friendship.  There’s currently 417 boys and girls in Kansas City that are waiting for a Big.

And then there’s donations, in order to run the program, find and screen the volunteers, support the Matches, and help set the Matches up for success, we need donations.  Our funding comes in many ways – individuals who donate monthly or make one-time contributions, companies who support through sponsorships, grants and foundations and our special events.

Nothing will ever change the fact that Big and donations will always be our priorities however today I want to talk about a few lesser known ways that our supporters can help.  While these may not be the things you hear about regularly from our messages, they all directly or indirectly help us with our mission of creating life-changing friendships.  If you want to help more but aren’t sure how, maybe one of these ways will speak to you!  We sure hope they do.

  1.  Host a Lunch and Learn – Who doesn’t love a free lunch?!  At BBBSKC, we welcome any opportunity that we can get to tell our story to a group.  That could be at your workplace, a board meeting, an event, etc.  It gives us a chance to tell people about our mission and educate people on the ways they can become involved.   If you know of a place where we could host a lunch and learn, contact Katie Wells at katie@bbbskc.org.  If lunch isn’t right for you, we’ll gladly bring in coffee and bagels in the morning or another treat for the time of the day that’s best for you.
  2. Hold a DeClutter for Kids’ Sake Drive – Let’s be honest, we all hold on to some of our material items for WAY too long.  Clothes, shoes, books, household decor, small kitchen appliances that fill up our pantries.  By holding a DeClutter drive you can collectively work on gathering your unwanted items.  Host a day or a week to bring in those items and deliver them to one of our Savers partner stores or schedule a driver to pick up the items.   BBBSKC receives funding for all the acceptable used items that are collected.  If you’re interested in DeClutter, reach out to Hannah@bbbskc.org to learn more.
  3. Be a Social Media Ambassador – Social media is ever-changing.  Once we think we have the formula figured out, something changes.  One thing we know for sure is that the more people that we get to share and interact with our messages the more it people it will reach.  An easy way to help is by becoming a Social Media Ambassador for BBBSKC.  How do you do that?  It’s simple, anytime you see a message from us that catches your eye, interact with us, maybe it’s a fast “Like”, or an encouraging comment or even better a Share, Repost or Retweet.  By just sharing our content, you will become an ambassador of our mission.  If you have a story that you think should be shared, we want to hear from you!!  Email our Digital Marketing Manager Meredith@bbbskc.org, our favorite thing in the world is to hear impact stories of our program!
  4. Referrals – A lot of things have changed in our 52 years here in Kansas City but one thing remains the same.  The #1 reason people volunteer is because they have a friend that told them about the program.  We never take referrals for granted, to us they are gold!  By sharing your involvement in the program you will likely inspire someone else to become involved but the key is sharing your experience with others.  If you have a referral or you need help in reaching out to someone that you think would make a great Big, contact Scott@bbbskc.org and he will take great care of you and your referral.
  5. Third Party Events – If you’re looking for a great non-profit to benefit from an event you are holding, look no further, we’d love to be that non-profit partner.  Third party events can be as simple as a jeans day at work to a more involved event such as a golf tournament or 5k.  If you want more information on hosting a third party event for BBBSKC, email Hannah@bbbskc.org.
  6. Join one of our Groups – We have several opportunities to be involved with a group of people focused on a set goal to benefit BBBSKC.  This offers a great opportunity to network and work together to support the work of BBBSKC.
    • Our Diversity Task Force works to find and recruit more African American and Latino volunteers.  Contact Tahir for this one.
    • Our Big Impact Group is a junior board that holds regular events and campaigns throughout the year that are focused on fundraising, networking and professional development.  Brooke is your contact here.
    • Our Volunteer Corp is a group of people that love our events and agree to help out at various events throughout the year.  Brittany would love your participation with this group.

I know I said this was 6 Easy Ways but before I close I want to remind everyone that being a Big, a Match Maker or individual donor, a Corporate or Community Partner or a fundraising event participant (Summer Bowl, Most Wanted, etc) will continue to be the top ways to help BBBSKC.  There’s more information about all of these opportunities on our website.  Be sure to check that out at www.bbbskc.org.