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BBBSKC: Looking forward to 2019

This January, our core leadership groups came together for a Board Retreat to celebrate our success in 2018 and dream big about what’s in store for 2019.

Over the course of the day, they reviewed the progress that we’ve made, brainstormed new strategies for 2019, and networked with one another to create more cohesive teams.

These leadership groups represent a diverse collection of Kansas Citians from many different walks of life, and their guidance and commitment to the BBBSKC mission are vital to our success. The agency’s leadership is divided into four distinct boards:

Board of Directors

Our dedicated and talented Board of Directors works closely with our CEO as they lead the BBBSKC agency in making important decisions and guiding the organization to success.

Donation Center Board

This group focuses on BBBSKC’s partnership with Savers Thrift Stores and the clothing donation business. They make decisions that lead a productive and profitable model that provides funding to the BBBSKC program.

Big Impact Group

The Big Impact Group, affectionately known as “B.I.G.,” is the junior board of BBBSKC and is a group of dedicated young professionals who volunteer their time, talents and energy to support key agency fundraising and recruitment initiatives.

Diversity Task Force

The BBBSKC Diversity Task Force works to increase diversity and inclusion for Big Brothers Big Sisters through outreach, programming and diverse volunteer recruitment. The Diversity Task Force uses their connections to provide resources to BBBSKC, brainstorm marketing ideas, and plan events and campaigns designed around diverse recruitment and increasing our inclusive community presence.

Our leadership groups build a firm foundation on which the agency, Bigs, and our Littles can grow and thrive. As a dedicated core of caring and committed volunteers, their support ensures that the agency has the resources it needs to clear the path to each child’s biggest possible future.

Their Impact in 2018

  • The Board of Directors set new records by raising over $700,000 and serving 1,440 active matches.

  • The Donation Center Board managed over 10 million pounds of thrift that was donated to Savers, resulting in $1.9 million raised for BBBSKC.

  • The Big Impact Group (B.I.G.) referred over 600 potential Bigs to the agency and raised over $160,000.

  • The Diversity Task Force recruited over 170 diverse new Bigs.

Highlights from the retreat

The retreat began with a special Mission Moment where Big Sister Laurie and Little Sister Natalie shared their story as a match with our leadership groups. Littles are at the center of everything we do — their stories and experiences motivate us and remind us why we’re here, so we work to start all of our meetings by reminding ourselves of the impact BBBSKC is having every day.

After the Mission Moment, CEO Micheal Lawrence gave a presentation on the State of the Agency, reviewing how we’ve grown over the past decade, and how we plan to continue to grow for the decade to come. During his presentation, Micheal announced a brand new Capacity Building Campaign that will empower the agency with the resources and technology needed to keep BBBSKC on the cutting edge for years to come.

Following the State of the Agency, the incoming presidents of each board took time to take questions from the entire group and share some of their overall goals for the upcoming year. The leadership groups then broke up into separate rooms to network with one another and begin planning for the upcoming year.

“I thought this was an incredible experience,” said a current board member. “It was very neat to be able to see the whole group come together with the BBBS staff to get a big picture of the impact each board makes. I’m proud to be involved and love hearing about BBBSKC’s awesome success.”

The BBBSKC leadership groups walked away from the Board Retreat energized and focused on their new goals for the upcoming year. Each board has set their sights high, and we can’t wait to see what what these passionate and dedicated leaders will achieve in 2019.

“Looking out at a room filled with individuals who care so passionately about the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters was simply amazing,” said Micheal. “Our agency is fortunate to be surrounded by difference-makers.”

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The 2019 BBBSKC Board of Directors.
The 2019 BBBSKC Big Impact Group.
The 2019 BBBSKC Diversity Task Force.
The 2019 BBBSKC Donation Center Board.
BBBSKC Staff at the annual Staff Retreat.