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Welcome to our blog! Here at BBBSKC, we have so many incredible things going on all the time and we want to do our best to keep our volunteers, donors, parents, and supporters informed and inspired by all that is happening. That is why we are beginning a weekly blog post on BBBSKC. In our blog you’ll see things from inspirational stories, event updates, department highlights, CEO stories, fun facts, Match resources, Q&A’s with Case Managers and much more. Our goal will be to teach you something new or inspire you each and every week in bite size pieces.

Today you are hearing from me, Kristi Hutchison.  I’m the Chief Marketing Officer here at Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Each week you’ll hear from different people in the organization. Depending on the topic we’ll be assigning the best person to address the topic.  Our hope is that it will keep it interesting and you’ll love getting to know our staff, the projects we are working on and most importantly the lives we are changing.

Since you’ve got me here today, I’m going to take this time to start at the beginning and to explain to you a little about how BBBSKC is structured.  Big Brothers Big Sisters is a national organization that has over 350 local affiliates across the United States.  We’ve been here in Kansas City for 51 years.  The first two Big Brothers and first Board President from 1965 are actually still involved in the organization to this day!!  Even though we are a national organization, each local affiliate has control over their own fundraising, recruitment, marketing and program.  We make our own decisions and run the organization how it works best for our community.

Over the last 8-9 years we’ve made changes within our local BBBS that has paid off.  Just to brag a bit, we are one of the fastest growing BBBS agencies in the country.  Isn’t Kansas City amazing?  Just knowing that we are growing faster than almost every chapter in the country has everything to do with the KC community and the quality of people that live here and are stepping up to volunteer to spend time with a child every week.  Another bragging point is that we’ve been recognized three times out of the last five years as the Agency of the Year, an award given to us by the national office that recognizes both growth and quality of our program.  We’ve also locally been recognized as the top non-profit in the city by several local publications.  YAY!  Enough about that, it’s just always nice to let you know you are supporting a program that is succeeding and growing and that we couldn’t have done it without you.

One way we are quite different than many other chapters is the business like approach we take to our staff structure and strategies.  In future blog posts we’ll share some of our ways that we are doing that and how it is leading to change within our organization.  Our agency has 6 main departments - Recruitment, Development, Events, Marketing, Finance and Program, the team that is responsible for making and supporting the Matches.  BBBSKC currently serves over 1,200 active matches and operates on a $2.8 million dollar budget.  100% of the proceeds raised in Kansas City stays in Kansas City to help children of our community.  BBBSKC also has 3 satellite offices in Maryville, MO, St. Joseph, MO and Warrensburg, MO.  Each office has their own staff that focus on their specific community.

Did you learn anything you didn’t know?  I hope so and if not, I hope you’ll stay tuned each week because I promise you will!  We’re really looking forward to telling our stories through this blog and helping you learn more about BBBSKC.  We’d love to hear from you on what you’d like to hear about.  Thanks for supporting BBBSKC and for reading.  See you next week!

Kristi Hutchison, Chief Marketing Officer

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