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March Matchness Recap

Hey all, Scott Cruce here. I'm the director of volunteer recruitment here at BBBS of Greater KC. I'm writing to tell you about the Third Annual March Matchness recruitment competition we just wrapped up last week. It was yet another wildly successful event!

We had 42 Bigs and supporters compete against each other to see who could recruit the most new Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Big Couples throughout the month of March. We split the participants into eight teams and had them compete head-to-head to see who would be the grand prize winner. The grand prize this year was a suite at The K during the April 30th contest between the Kansas City Royals and Minnesota Twins.

I'll tell you who won in just a few paragraphs, but before that, I want to brag on the participants as a whole. The eight teams brought us 343 referrals! 343! To put that into context, the BBBS recruitment team usually averages 140 or so referrals with whom we text, e-mail, call, answer questions, meet with individually, etc. Our team (which consists of myself, Tahir Atwater and Micheala Mathieson) stays very busy trying to recruit new Bigs into our program.


BBBSKC Recruitment Team (Jake (spring intern), Tahir, Scott & Micheala

But we're never busier than we are in March. And that's because of the incredible work of the March Matchness teams. Once again, they brought us 343 new people with whom he could follow up. Those referrals have thus far yielded 45 applications and counting! Last year, March Matchness accounted for 78 new applications, but almost half of those completed their applications in April and May. So look for that 45 number to increase throughout the next couple of months.

Our teams were hard working and creative. A couple of the teams set up recruitment tables at their gyms. A couple set up tables in the lobby of their office buildings. A couple hosted lunch and learns at their companies. One team set up a table at First Friday. One team set up a table at the River Market during Saturday's farmer's market. Every single team did a great job of communicating with their social media contacts.

The teams that did it better than the others were The Infoulables and Match Me Ousside, How Bout Dah. Match Me Ousside was the grand champion, with the championship game 34 to 25 (teams received 1 point for a referral and 3 points for a completed application). Match Me Ousside consisted of Blake May, Jasmin Williams, Nick Paradise, Maddie Paradise and Alex McNamara.

Nick and Maddie Paradie took to social media to recruit Bigs

The Infoulables team members are Amelia Mendus, Mandy Jordan, Bri Regan, Ian Finch and April Klimek. Maybe the coolest stat of all: all 10 members of both teams are Bigs themselves!

Team Match Me Ousside took their recruitment efforts to the street. Here they are street teaming.

For their efforts, both Match Me Ousside and The Infoulables will be rewarded with the suite to The K on April 30th.

I also wanted to recognize Mandy Jordan of The Infoulables. She was the top overall individual recruiter. And for her efforts, she was rewarded with suite tickets to the John Mayer concert at Sprint Center on Friday, April 14th.

If you're reading the blog and think participating in this contest sounds fun, please give me a shout at 816-777-2892 or and I'll tell you all about the Fourth Annual March Matchness contest coming up March 2018.

Scott Cruce, Director of Volunteer Recruitment
Scott Cruce, Director of Volunteer Recruitment

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