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Meet Big Sister Kelsey & Little Sister Makiah

Meet Big Sister Kelsey and Little Sister Makiah, one of our Kansas City Big and Little of the Year finalists. This Match has been through so much in the two and a half years they have been together, from tragedy to personal growth. Through it all, their bond is stronger than ever. 

How has this Match impacted Little Sister Makiah?

Kelsey has helped so much with building Makiah’s self-confidence. Makiah was at first very shy and reserved. She has since grown into such a well-spoken, smart, thoughtful young woman. Kelsey supported her in joining Youth Ambassadors KC, a program designed to empower underserved youth in Kansas City. This program is helping her become a future community leader promoting positive change. Kelsey’s involvement has made such an impact on Makiah's willingness to work hard in school and stand up for herself and others. I've seen Makiah grow in confidence in the way that she interacts with me as her Match Support Specialist and it’s amazing to see that first hand. 

  • Match Support Specialist, Shannon


How do you feel this Match has impacted Makiah?

Kelsey has helped Makiah so much. When they first got matched, Makiah was going through so much academically. I was worried because she couldn’t do certain things in the classroom like others. But when Kelsey came along, a lot of that changed. Makiah has improved so much in her academics and her social life. I was so thankful and happy to see those improvements in her.

  • Makiah’s mother, OunJanise


What makes your Big Sister special?

Kelsey helps me with anything I need. I can talk to her about a lot of things that I don’t get to talk about with family or friends. She encourages me to want to be better, to stay in school, and become something good in life. She believes in me and shows me that I can do anything I want. 

- Little Sister Makiah


What makes Kelsey an extraordinary Big?

Kelsey brings out a side of Makiah that nobody gets to see very often, not even me, and I love that so much. It’s amazing for your kid to have that inspiration. I feel like Kelsey being around really helps Makiah to be more social. She was a very shy person at first but when Kelsey came around it changed very quickly. I can tell Makiah has gained so much more confidence in herself. 

  • Makiah’s mother, OunJanise


 What makes Kelsey and Makiah’s Match so special?

In June of 2021, Makiah’s home was destroyed in a fire. Kelsey was the first person to reach out and alert BBBS of the news. Kelsey and her husband were quick to respond to the family’s needs. They advocated for them and locate resources for the family, such as helping with clothes, food, and housing. Kelsey was a rock for Makiah at this time. She provided a space for her to grieve, as well as a space to forget about the uncertainties she faced and have a friend to have lunch and girl time with, a friend when she needed it. Throughout the past two years, I have seen Makiah grow and develop in several ways that I believe are directly correlated to the advocacy, support, and friendship of Kelsey. I know the Makiah I met two years ago would be so proud of where she is now.

  • Match Support Specialist, Shannon


How has being a Big to Makiah impacted you?

A: In the almost three years of being Matched with Makiah, it has been such a privilege getting to know her and her family as her Big Sister. In that time, she has faced some difficult losses and challenges, especially for a young girl. But she always has a positive attitude that is contagious and inspiring. It has been so fun exploring the city together and watching her grow into an amazing young woman with the biggest heart! 

  • Big Sister Kelsey



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