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News Flash: Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake is NOT all about bowling!

Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake packs a whole lot of fun into a 90-minute party for you and your charitable teammates. After raising some money online to support BBBS, your team will arrive at the bowling alley to celebrate your overall fundraising awesomeness. All teams will enjoy free cosmic bowling, beer, soda, pizza and prizes.

You heard it here folks Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake, Big Brothers Big Sisters’ most important annual fundraiser, really doesn’t have much to do with that old school, 10-pin, leisure activity. So, if this event is not about bowling, then what is it all about? I’m so glad you asked because this just so happens to be my favorite event to talk about! I first signed up as a Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake Team Captain back in 2004. This event is, and always will be, near and dear to my heart because it led me to my dream job, Little Brother and Little Sister. I know what you are thinking, cut to the chase! If the event is not about bowling, then what is it about?! Ok, ok, let’s get to it…

FUN & PRIZES for Kids’ Sake

Just like that really charismatic lady with the cool bowling shirt (full disclosure that’s me) from the promo video told you, Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake packs a whole lot of fun into a 90-minute party for you and your charitable teammates. After raising some money online to support BBBS, your team will arrive at the bowling alley to celebrate your overall fundraising awesomeness. All teams will enjoy free cosmic bowling, beer, soda, pizza and prizes. Picture this, 31 incredible teams, that’s nearly 200 people night after night who are ready for a great time. We turn the lights down and the music up so that you can hit your lane, kick up your feet, and celebrate with your team. The reason I said this event is really not about bowling is because no one will be checking in to record your score. Quite honestly, you could bowl a perfect game or knock down 15 pins and we’ll still high-five you on your way out the door because you support life-changing friendships in your community!

You can qualify for some really cool prizes along the way. Some of my favorites include our insanely soft and always super cool BBBS t-shirt that you receive for achieving the $200 individual fundraising goal. This isn’t the type of shirt you will throw into your ‘wear this next time I have to paint’ bin. This American Apparel shirt is trendy, fun, and stylish, just like you. I’m also excited about the new BBBS winter beanie that we give to all of our Team Captains. We know we’ll be handing out these hats in the middle of the summer, but our Team Captains are simply the coolest people in town so the gift makes perfect sense really.

Finally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to qualify as a Super Team because we treat these very important teams like the fundraising royalty that they are. When your team doubles the $1,200 team fundraising goal by bringing in $2,400+ they receive the following:

  • Fast-track line for quick and easy registration when you arrive at the bowling alley (VIPs don’t do lines people).
  • Lane concierge at your bowling party session to bring you unlimited drinks, snacks, pizza and prizes (we don’t want you to lift a finger, unless you want to bowl that is).
  • Coveted invitations to our crazy-fun Super Team Party which will take place on August 4that the Madrid Theatre where you can expect some Las Vegas themed fun: casino games, live entertainment, DJ, food, drinks, prizes and much more.
  • Your team is entered to win a FREE TEAM TRIP TO LAS VEGAS. That’s right, hotel and airfare will be covered so that your team can head to Vegas and celebrate your BBBS charitable goodness in style.


I originally got involved with Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake when my friend let me know that the agency was working hard to recruit more teams for the annual event. I quickly found the event to be an easy sell to my friends: raise money, help kids, enjoy free beer and pizza. It’s a win-win-win! My team name and teammates have changed over the years but something that remains the same is that it always feels good to give back. So, I encourage you to grab some friends, family, coworkers, old college buddies or neighbors and form a team to join the biggest feel-good party of the summer.

Are you thinking about getting your office involved with Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake? Corporate teams are vital to the success of our event and corporate social responsibility can have an important impact on your company. Getting your coworkers involved with an event like this will allow employees to work together, build camaraderie and feel good about giving back to their community while having a lot of fun. With over 500 kids currently waiting for a Big in the Greater Kansas City area, we need your office’s support in order to continue to make a positive difference. When your company signs up to participate, we encourage you to challenge another company to get involved with this event and go head to head with a good old fashioned fundraising duel. Challenge a neighboring business, vendor, client or competitor in your market. We’ll track your fundraising challenge and will provide updates and prizes along the way.

One easy way to get your company involved with BBBSKC and Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake is by allowing our staff to host a free, casual and informative Lunch & Learn at your office. Send out an invitation to your staff and we’ll provide the lunch and information regarding how they can get involved as a Big or special event participant. Come on, everyone loves free lunch!

BIG GOALS for Kids’ Sake

Did you know that BBBSKC has the highest grossing Bowl for Kids’ Sake out of 350 national affiliates? It’s no coincidence that the growth of our largest annual fundraiser directly correlates with our growth in the number of children that we serve. To put it simply, more funding means more children get paired with the Big that they really want and need. We know that the success of Bowl for Kids’ Sake is dependent on our Bigs, supporters and corporate partners rallying behind the event and forming some incredible fundraising teams.This year, we have the biggest goal ever: to recruit 700 teams and raise $800,000! Just think about that, $800,000 raised by our best supporters simply by reaching out to their friends and family. That’s a $10 donation here, a $25 donation there…it really adds up! Fundraising is easier than ever for our participants as many of them share their personal web pages on social media or collect cash, checks or pledges on behalf of the agency.

PARTIES for Kids’ Sake

Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake is a giant party lasting over 13 days with 17 party sessions for over 3,000 people. In our opinion, an event this big calls for a bit of a warm-up. So, please consider this your formal invitation to our Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake 101 Party on Thursday, May 11th over lunch from 11-1 or for happy hour from 5-7:30. This is an opportunity for you and your friends to swing by our incredible office in the Crossroads for free food, drink and fun all while learning more about this event topped off with the opportunity to get signed up on the spot! You might even walk away a winner as we will be giving away a Traeger Grill to one lucky attendee.

And don’t forget that we throw ANOTHER party for our incredible Super Teams who raise $2,400 or more. This year’s Super Team Party will be an over the top casino night at the Madrid Theatre where our teams will enjoy free food, drink, casino style games, live entertainment, prizes and more. One lucky team will win a free trip to Las Vegas!

Click here to view photos from the 2016 Super Team Party

I think it’s pretty easy to see why I love this event so much. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started! Sign up your team today at

Check out my awesome team, Massive Bowl Movement

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