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Planning For Student Success

Planning for the future is important, and BBBS wants to help ACES students in our program do just that! Whether it’s planning to have a great start to high school to ensure high school success, plotting out how to land the perfect after-school or summer job, or formulating a plan to finish off high school on a high note to ensure post-secondary success – BBBSKC is here to help.

That’s where Meryl Dillman and Chandra Clark come in!

Meryl is the High School Success Program Manager at BBBSKC, and one of her roles is to meet with students the summer before they start high school to talk about how they can be successful in high school and beyond.

During the 1-hour meeting at our office, Meryl talks with students about their goals for the future and brainstorms ways to reach those goals. After the meeting, Meryl sends an Individualized Success Plan to the student, his/her parent, the student’s Big and the match’s case manager. That way everyone is up-to-date on the student’s goals and plans for the future, so we can all provide better support and resources.

Meryl tends to meet with students who are in 9th and 10th grade when they are at or near the beginning of their high school journey. She also meets with students who are in the early stages of planning and goal-setting.

The next step of preparing for students’ future success comes with Chandra Clark, External Partnerships and Post-Secondary Programming Manager. She meets with students to talk more about life after high school and how to stay on track to reach post-secondary and employment goals.

Chandra typically meets with students that are in the 11th grade up to college-aged. She also meets 1-to-1 with students and maps out their personal and professional goals. She helps students set short-term goals in order to reach their long-term goals, and she’s sure to follow up with them on their progress. Chandra also keeps the student’s Big and match’s case manager up to date on what they are working on to ensure added support and guidance.

Meryl and Chandra collaborate often on how to best serve students they meet with to provide practical and beneficial opportunities and resources for them.

Bigs: If your mentee would like to meet with Meryl or Chandra to plan for future success, please shoot them an email at: or  


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