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We Heart KC

When you think about our city what words come to your mind?  Is it BBQ or Fountains? Is it Arts or Jazz? Is it Royals, Chiefs or Sporting?  When we think of Kansas City, it’s all of these words and much more. When we reflect on our 53 years here and how we got here, it all comes back to the people.  The people of Kansas City are who we are truly in love with. The people of Kansas City are the ones who have made our city thrive and who have truly made BBBSKC help change the lives of children.  The people of Kansas City are people who rally behind their teams, who are proud of what we bring to the country, and are fiercely loyal.
BBBSKC is coming off of our best year to date.  We’ve matched more children with Bigs than ever before, we’ve gained more support than ever before and we’ve been part of changing the standard of one-to-one mentoring in our country. All the awards and recognition have been nice, we’ve enjoyed celebrating as a staff and with our supporters but we want to do more to say thank you to a city who has been the reason behind it all.  
This year, with the help of an incredible partner, Dimensional Innovations, we’ve been able to create a token of our love for the city, we are calling it our Heart KC Monument.  This monument will be placed at local events and destinations throughout 2018 as purely a reminder of how much we appreciate the people of our city. We’ll keep you updated throughout the year on where you can find the monument.  We want to encourage you to take your photo with it and share your love for Kansas City and BBBSKC.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support, here’s to another year of life-changing friendships in Kansas City.