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Why mentoring is the BEST investment you can make!

So it sounds too simple to be effective, right? Everyone has mentors throughout their life but are they really life-changing? Well think of someone in your life that has helped steer you in the right path. This could be your parents who encouraged you to follow your dreams or someone that you looked up to who shaped what career field you decided to peruse.

One of my mentors was my high school track coach who pushed me mentally beyond what I thought I was capable of achieving which taught me a valuable life lesson that I can accomplish anything that I’m willing to put in the time and work into. These things mold you into the person you are today so yea, I’d say they are pretty life-changing.

The kids we serve are most in need of a positive adult mentor because they are the most at risk for dropping out of high school, teen pregnancy, ending up in jail and living a life of poverty and drug abuse.  The kids we serve all come from a one-parent home. Kids from a one-parent home make up 25% of the school aged population in Kansas City, yet that 25% accounts for 90% of high school drop outs, 90% of juvenile court cases and 60% of teen suicides.

Our program is a PREVENTATIVE program! We are taking kids who are at risk of going down the wrong path and putting someone in their lives that can help point them down a different path which is life-changing for that child. Building greater self-confidence and leadership skills through one-to-one mentoring has been proven effective in changing the self-image of the child and therefore their behavior.

Now, how is that life-changing for you? We know that most adult criminals start at an early age so if we can intervene early, we can reduce crime that might happen to you, your family or in your community. Like I mentioned earlier, kids from a one-parent home make up 90% of the juvenile court cases but our stats show that less than 3% of the Littles in our program have had any interaction with the juvenile court. Additionally, as a taxpayer, you can save seven to ten dollars for every dollar invested by reducing incarceration costs. Your donation is an investment that is helping to break the generational cycle of poverty while also breaking down cultural divides… all this through building real friendships.

With all that said, I want to share a story- Brian noticed that the crowd he was hanging with were either in ending up in jail or worse, dead. He knew that he owed it to himself to do better but didn’t know how. He thought he could learn from someone older so he signed up to get a Big Brother, he was matched to Tim. Tim was blown away by Brian’s honesty about where he’s been and where he wants to go. After learning that a dream of Brian’s is to go to Howard University, Tim enrolled Brian in extra tutoring to help get his GPA up. He has been working with him to make sure he is getting the right ACT Prep because he knows college acceptance comes down to a good ACT score. Tim is teaching Brian that hard work and discipline are going to lead him to his dream college.

If more kids’ like Brian had someone encouraging and helping them to identify and achieve their goals, we would have more business and community leaders and all around good people in the world.

I encourage you this holiday season to consider donating to BBBKC and help us give the gift of friendship to one of our 504 waiting kids.  This year-end gift can help start something life-changing for one of our Littles. To donate to BBBSKC, visit www.bbbskc.org/give.

Top 3 reasons to donate to BBBSKC this holiday season
  • Change lives- for kids in need, you and your families, the community
  • Feel good- in the midst of everything going on today, it feels good to be able to single handily affect positive change!
  • Tax deduction or even better TAX CREDITS- we have MO YOP tax credits which provide a 50% credit on any donation over $1000
Tiffany Bruce, Development Director
Tiffany Bruce, Development Director

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