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Introducing the New Voice of Potential: M'racle!

BIg Brothers Big Sisters is proud to announce the new Voice of Potential, M'racle!

M'racle has been matched with her Big, Tiffany, for over seven years. When the outgoing Voice of Potential, Sean, called M'racle to let her know she would be the next Voice of Potential, her reaction was priceless — check out the video below!

As the official Voice of Potential for Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City, M'racle will serve as a representative for Littles across KC. She’ll attend signature BBBSKC events, share her perspective with leaders of the organization, and advocate for Littles still waiting for a Big.

As part of her role as the Voice of Potential, M'racle will also work as an intern at BBBSKC in the coming months. Keep reading to learn more about M'racle and her passion for BBBSKC!

Get to Know M'racle, the New Voice of Potential

First off, just tell us a little about yourself!

I am a sophomore at Summit Christian Academy. I'm involved in cheer, musical theatre (at school and at Starlight Theatre), dance (ballet, tap, jazz, etc.), and pageants! I am the head student ambassador for school and have also volunteered at Ronald McDonald House and Harvesters Food Bank.

Tell us about getting matched — what was it like to meet your Big for the first time?

When I first met Tiffany, I was only 9 years old. I remember just automatically being comfortable around her and loving that I got to spend time with her. I was looking forward to having an actual Big Sister. I’m the only child, so I was really excited to have someone who would fill that void of loneliness. I was excited to be able to hang out with her and get to know her.

Tell us about your experience in the program. What have you learned/how have you grown?

I have been a part of BBBS for 7 years now, and honestly it was probably one of the best decisions my mom has ever made for me. Not only was I able to meet my best friend, but I have also been blessed with so many opportunities. I have learned so much from all the volunteer work that I have participated in because of this organization. I've also learned from the many different classes and programs that BBBS has held for teenagers.

I have grown in my care and desire to help others since I've been with BBBS, and I've also grown to want to inspire and be a role model for everyone. My favorite part of this program would definitely be the connection that I have built with my Big Sister Tiffany. As an only child, I never really felt what it was like to grow up with a sibling, but having Tiffany in my life certainly filled that void. She is honestly everything you could ever ask for or even imagine your Big to be. She has taught me so many valuable lessons, she always supports me, and I know she is someone who I can always and will always depend on.

What are you looking forward to as the new Voice of Potential?

I'm really looking forward to opportunities to inspire and lead others. I can't wait to spread happiness to people like me so they can hopefully feel how I feel about BBBS. I want to shine a light in my community, and I feel like this is going to be the perfect opportunity to do that. I can't wait!

What is your message to Bigs, or people who aren't Bigs yet that are thinking about becoming a Big?

I want Bigs to know that you really have the potential to change your Little's life. You guys really make such a huge impact in our lives, and we don’t just see our Bigs as volunteers — we see you all as our actual Big Brother or Big Sister. Bigs are important to Littles because we look up to them and they inspire us. I know for me Tiffany has been my greatest influence — she is my best friend!

If you're thinking about becoming a Big, I want you to know that you have what it takes. If you just make your Little feel like they can depend on you and be themselves around you, you'll do an amazing job. Just be that person in their lives who they can count on, no matter what. It doesn't take any special skills or anything like that — all it takes is time and consistency. You can do it!

Voice of Potential M'racle with her Big Sister, Tiffany.

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