Hear It From A Parent
September 12, 2023

We all go through our own struggles, big and small. But we also know that the more positive role models we have in our lives, the better. At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we create meaningful connections between young people and supportive adults – relationships that change lives for the better. 

This experience can provide such a meaningful friendship for the Big and the Little, but also be so impactful for the parent/guardian as well.

Hear from parents who experienced the impact of BBBBS first-hand below.

“Lyndale is so excited when his Big Couple picks him up. He has learned so much about firefighters with Logan and Courtney has taught him so much about the importance of education.”
-Fawn, mother to Little Brother Lyndale

“Since being Matched, he looks forward to seeing his Big and his confidence is slowly growing. His Big is starting to ask about his plans for the future which I think coming from someone other than us ‘parents’ and someone he looks up to is great!”
-Mandy, mother to Little Brother Blake

“Having a Big Brother has given Jameze something to look forward to outside his regular activities and another adult to help navigate him through life.

When I raised my concerns about wanting him to exercise and be outdoors more, Big Brother Will made it the first priority to make the next outing geared towards doing something active. The fact that he took my concerns to heart and put a plan into action was amazing! It’s the little things that make the biggest impact!”
-Ashley, mother to Little Brother Jameze


“Both of my kids love their Matches. They talk to their Bigs regularly and look forward to visits. I see them trusting themselves more and having more positive self-talk after they’ve spent time with their Bigs.”
-Amy, mother to Little Brother Gus and Little Sister Lynniah

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