Meet Andy & Ta’Ray
April 15, 2024

Andy is always willing to help out where he can, asks questions when he needs to, and use all the resources at his disposal to make sure that he is the best Big Brother he can be. Andy is currently applying for grad school and working full-time but always makes sure that Ta’Ray is included. Andy also maintains a strong, communicative relationship with Ta’Ray’s mother, Toya.



Building a friendship


Ta’Ray had a rough time as he began high school, facing the aftermath of bullying and some more serious incidents. When Ta’Ray repeated 9th grade, Andy immediately began working with Toya to form a plan to help Ta’Ray succeed in school. Now, Ta’Ray is passing all his classes and his attitude around school has improved dramatically. Ta’Ray has also started to open up to Andy about things that bother him and has turned to Andy in times of need.



Andy is the brother Ta’Ray has never had,” says Toya. “Andy is now an extension of our family. I have him saved in my phone as my other son. Andy is more than what we could have ever asked for. I cannot say enough things about what Andy means to our family and how grateful we will always be that he is Ta’Ray’s Big Brother.”

Ta’Ray echoes his mom’s sentiments: “Andy is just the best. I don’t know how else to say it. Andy is a person who takes the time to listen to me. He has worked to understand me and my life. I feel like Andy will be there for anything I need him for and will always try to make sure I am happy. The best thing is I know I can talk to him about anything. Andy is my brother forever.”




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