Meet the New Voice of Potential: Shane
May 26, 2022

Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City is proud to announce the new Voice of Potential, Shane! As the official Voice of Potential for Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City, Shane will serve as a representative for Littles across Kansas City. He will attend signature BBBSKC events, share his perspective with leaders of the organization, and advocate for Littles still waiting for a Big.

Shane has been Matched with his Big Brother Chris for almost 4 years and this year they were finalists for Big Brother and Little Brother of the Year. In Chris’ letter of recommendation for Shane, he stated “I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing countless occasions where Shane has demonstrated an innate proclivity for leadership, selflessness, and inclusivity. There is no question in my mind that his foundational value system is guided by the strength of his interpersonal relationships with those around him. Shane has an infectious personality that makes him instantly likable and grants him the ability to easily and effectively communicate with virtually any demographic”.

Shane’s mom, Shannon, is also very proud of Shane for being chosen for this role. She shared with us that he has always truly cared about people and has an innate need to share knowledge and learn new things. “It was evident from early on that Shane was born with a big Voice and tremendous Potential, the perfect Voice of Potential for BBBSKC”.

Get to know Shane and why he’s excited about his new role:

Tell me a little bit about yourself, Shane.

I am a 15-year-old freshman at Saint Thomas Aquinas. I wrestle, play sports outside of school, fish, and hang out with friends. I like to play video games and work out. 

Tell me about being Matched. Why do you think your mom enrolled you in the BBBS program?

My mom enrolled me in BBBS because I asked her to. She also knew that I needed a male role model. My dad had died around a year before and I often found myself in situations where I was in need of a Big Brother. I wanted a Big for things like homework, playing catch, or just another adult to relate to.

What are your and Chris’ favorite things to do together?

At the beginning of our Match, we would go to Main Event and play laser tag. Currently, our favorite things to do are get food, go to Top Golf, and try new and popular things. We love playing video games, listening to music, and just talking. We can talk about anything, from something in the news, or plans for our next outing, or new tv shows we’re watching.

What are some things Chris has taught you?

Chris has taught me to be patient and not to give up. He also taught me how to be a better problem solver and to try to think of multiple options and solutions and compare them. 

Chris has helped me reach goals recently by helping me with my Voice of Potential application. He was the person who gave me a ride to my interview for the Voice of Potential position. During the car ride, he helped prep me by giving me some warmup questions, making sure my speech was good, and helping me tie my tie (even though he wasn’t very good at that part haha). And he gave me a pep talk before I went in. 

How are you and Chris a good Match?

We bring out different sides of each other. We encourage each other to do things differently and try something new. Chris hates sushi and seafood, but I love it, so I’ll drag him to a sushi place where he gets a veggie roll. As for me, we will usually have a conversation about something in the news or something in our lives that involves stating an opinion. I say mine, then Chris says his and usually we have a similar one, but sometimes we don’t. Instead of dropping the topic at the risk of it becoming uncomfortable, he will explain his side to me and vice versa so that we both see the topic in a different light. That’s something that has really helped me grow.

Why did you want to be the next Voice of Potential?

I want to be the next Voice of Potential because of everything that the program has done for me, and because it also looks good on college resumes. The BBBS program has given me a role model, a friend, and a unique relationship. As the Voice of Potential, I hope to give back to BBBS as much as they have given me. I want a chance to have a voice in BBBS and share my story.

 As Voice of Potential, you will be sharing your perspective with the leaders of the organization. What unique perspective do you think you bring to this role?

I bring the perspective of an individual in high school who is involved with sports and other extracurriculars, makes good grades, and has similar interests and viewpoints as my peers. I would also like to think that I am a good public speaker and a people person. All of this combined gives me the ability to give my input at BBBS to people who make stuff happen and help them see it from a high school student’s perspective.

 Why do you think BBBS is a good program for other kids? Why would you recommend it? 

BBBS is a good program for any kid who needs a role model. The program does whatever they can do to get the right Match made. I recommend the program because of everything that they have done for me. They gave me a Big during a time in my life when I really needed one, and that relationship has grown so much and done so much for me and my family.

 What are you most excited about as the new Voice of Potential?

As the new Voice of Potential, I’m most excited to be involved in BBBS, representing the organization and local kids, and going to events.

Sean, our first Voice of Potential, and M’racle, our second, were able to pass the honor onto him.

Shane with his Big Brother Chris

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