The 2022 Ambassador of Potential Scholarship Recipients
August 4, 2022

The Ambassadors of Potential Scholarship Program offered $10,000 in scholarships, funded by the Big Brothers Big Sisters Ambassadors, to BBBS Littles seeking a degree in higher education. These six Littles exemplify what a true ambassador of potential is and we are all so excited to see where their futures take them.


Ta’Niyha has been awarded $5,000 and will be attending Mid-America Nazarene University to study Nursing. She is a first-generation high school graduate and the first in her family to go to college.

Throughout her academic journey, Ta’Niyha has been very grateful to have her Big, Anastasia there to help her. “Anastasia has been there for me every step of the way from helping me get volunteer hours, setting up a meeting with individuals in my career path, and always being able to be a recommendation when I apply for scholarships. Anastasia is amazing and I wouldn’t want to change her for the world,” said Ta’Niyha. “In the last two and half years, I have witnessed her grow from a shy teenager to a confident adult. Her ability to befriend others and support her peers and siblings has grown so strong as she has matured. She also is making wise decisions, beyond her years. Many kids are drawn into outside drama and toxic relationships, she continues to see through these issues in others and protect herself and her future,” said Big Anastasia.


MyAnn has been awarded $3,000 and will be attending Evangel University to major in Strategic Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, and Promotions.

Her Big Sister Allison wrote, “Myaun is very passionate about all things journalism and telling the stories of those around her. One of the moments in Myaun’s life that I was fortunate enough to witness was the publication of her first poem in, Elementia, a local teen literary arts magazine. I am proud that Myaun is willing and able to speak for the people in her life and what she witnesses as a young adult today.” MyAnn shared that Allison has been a great supporter of her dreams. “I have truly enjoyed my match with her over the years. I have valued the fun moments of baking together and watching musicals. I have loved spending time with Allison and Teddy, their precious golden doodle. I have truly appreciated all the time she’s taken to invest in my life, as well as all the long talks and great advice.”


Derrell has been awarded $2,000 and will be attending Morehouse College majoring in Political Science. He is a first-generation college student.

In Derrell’s essay, he stated “My favorite thing about my Big Brother Sean is that he does not only push me, but he also helps make my dreams a reality. I feel like I can go to Sean about anything and receive real, relatable advice. Once I tell Sean about anything he will make sure to come back and check in with me to make sure that I have made progress. I can tell that Sean wants to see me excel and it makes me want to work even harder.” His Big Brother Sean shared that “a true ambassador of potential sees changing circumstances and unknown outcomes and embraces the changes in stride. Highly qualified individuals navigate these uncertainties by completing their required tasks and finding ways to excel in the process. Derrell left a community he grew up in and moved hundreds of miles away and did just that.”


Alexis has been awarded $2,000 and will be attending the University of Kansas to study Neuroscience. She will be the first to attend college from her family.

Alexis and her Big Sister Mackenzie have Matched for over two years now. Mackenzie wrote, “It truly has been such a blessing to have seen Alexis grow and develop. I look forward to all of our outings and conversations. She is wise beyond her years and is able to communicate with me by holding very well-rounded conversations. She can talk about everything from the latest TikTok trends to discussing in-depth conversations about financial independence or my engineering job.” Alexis shared in her essay, “Mackenzie has helped me come out of my shell and I know that whatever it is, she’ll be right next to me every step of the way. I’ll forever be grateful to BBBS for bringing us together.”


M’racle has been awarded $2,000 and will be attending Howard University to study Broadcast Journalism.

M’racle has been Matched to her Big Sister Tiffany for over ten years. Tiffany shared, “I’ve watched her grow into an impressive 18-year-old, who has been focused on keeping up her grades in school while managing her extracurricular activities, passing her driver’s test, landing her first job, and serving as BBBSKC’s Voice of Potential the last two years! I have always thought she is very mature for her age. I am constantly impressed with all that she can juggle while excelling with confidence and poise.” In M’racle’s essay, she shared, “Ten years later, I still thank my mom for signing me up to become a Little in the program because I met my best friend and a fantastic mentor. Tiffany has helped me reach my full potential, and many years from now, I know she will still be here to empower me. I believe whole-heartedly that it takes a village to raise a child, and Tiffany is a huge part of my village.”


Nahair has been awarded $2,000 and will be attending Northwest Missouri State University to study Clinical Laboratory Science. She will be the first to attend college from her family.

Nahair’s Big Sister Courtney shared, “From the day we met, Nahair shared that she wanted to attend college and pursue a degree in clinical laboratory sciences. She excels academically and we often talk about her experiences in the classroom. She enjoys the experiments in her science-focused classes, which suggests she will enjoy and continue to do well in her chosen major. Nahair also sets high expectations for herself and puts in the work to attain her goals. Her motivation, enjoyment of learning, excellent academic record, and time management skills bode well for her success in college.” In Nahair’s essay, she shares, “I’m so grateful to have met Courtney. She’s an amazing person and a great role model. I have enjoyed our time together and all that I’ve learned from her. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Courtney. I know she will help me be successful in college.”

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