Why Be a Big Couple?
November 2, 2022

Everyone knows what a Big Brother and a Big Sister are, but we often get questions about what it means to be a Big Couple. Being a Big is a fun, life-changing experience that gives you the invaluable gift of your friendship. And what could be better than to share that experience with your partner!

Here’s why some of our supporters love being a part of a Big Couple:


Sharing this experience together is wonderful. Not only is it a positive shared experience that has helped our relationship grow stronger, but it also is really beneficial for Samuel. Debbie and I are able to play off each other’s strengths, where one person may be good at interacting in a certain way, the other may be better at coming up with creative activities to do together. I like to think that Samuel has gotten to see the best of both of us.


We wanted to make a difference in our community, and doing it together just felt right. Not only would we get to have a positive impact on our Little’s life, but we would also get to share quality time together. Also, logistically if one of us is sick or out of town, the other is still available to meet with our Little to maintain that consistent presence in his life.


I love being a Big Couple because not only are my husband and I making an impact on our Little Brother’s life, but it’s also great bonding and memory-making. It feels good to know that you’re a team and able to experience the activities together. We’ve loved many of the activities we’ve done but our favorite as a Match was taking our Little Brother to his first movie. To see his excitement brought us pure joy and it makes us happy to know we get to experience a lot of first experiences with him!


I think we all feel overextended and busy in both our work and personal lives. We spend so much time away from our significant others by fulfilling our commitments to our jobs, family, friends, etc. Being a Big Couple is great because it’s a meaningful volunteer experience that you can have while actually spending time with your significant other. It’s also so much easier when you have your partner there to help with transporting your Little, planning outings, and contributing to conversations as you grow your friendship.  


Being a Big Couple has been rewarding in a way I didn’t expect. I had oddly never considered how it would feel to see my partner grow in this program. I’d considered my own growth and our Little’s growth, but not my partner’s. I’ve loved seeing Ali have this opportunity – she’s totally in her element. It’s inspiring in a way I hadn’t considered, and I love it!


It’s been amazing to see how confident Sydney is in interacting with Kye. This experience has really let our relationship grow in new ways. We seriously made the best choice in signing up.


Being a Big has taught us a lot about going with the flow. A curious kid like Oskar is always going to have questions that you don’t even know where to start with answering. We’ve learned that you don’t have to have all the answers and that a relationship between a child and an adult doesn’t have to be ‘the person that knows everything’ and ‘the person that wants to know everything’. We can figure things out together. And I think that will be super helpful as we become parents. 


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