March 17, 2021



Micheal Lawrence began his career at Big Brothers Big Sisters in 1992. He started as a Case Manager, working directly with the volunteers, children and families in the program, focusing on making long-term, successful matches that made a difference. Prior to coming to Big Brothers Big Sisters, Lawrence worked with runaway children and was inspired by observing a relationship between a Little Brother and Big Brother. During a time of extreme crisis, the only adult that this young person cared about was a volunteer in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

After five years as a Case Manager, Lawrence moved into managing all special events for the agency from 1997 -2007. Lawrence also served as the Program Director from 1999-2004, during which time he implemented new program management systems and created a computer-based volunteer enrollment system that reduced volunteer processing time from 91 to 27 days.

In 2002, the position of Associate Executive Director was created to prepare for the CEO position.

Lawrence became the CEO in 2007. During his time as CEO, he has led the agency to become one of the fastest growing Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies in the country, increasing the number of children served by more than 80%. Under his leadership, BBBSKC has been consistently recognized as one of the top performing BBBS agencies in America, earning the prestigious Gold Standard Award and Agency of the Year Award four times from Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Employee satisfaction and cohesiveness is important to Lawrence. His leadership style encourages participation and collaboration among staff members. BBBSKC has been recognized by the Nonprofit Times as one of the best nonprofits to work for in America.

In 2018, Lawrence was called on to lead a brand transformation for the entire BBBS national network, leading to a new logo and brand language that is being used by all BBBS affiliates. Under Micheal’s leadership, the BBBSKC team has won over 40 local and national awards for nonprofit excellence.

Lawrence graduated from William Jewell College with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Lawrence graciously shares his experiences with local and national nonprofit professionals and is often called on to share best practices at conferences.

Lawrence serves as a Big Brother himself and has been matched to his Little Brother, Jesse since 2007. Spending time with family is a priority, especially with grandkids Addison, Kennedy and Cooper.

Lawrence states, “I am proud of our purpose to clear the path to a child’s biggest possible future.”


Erica Ostroski is a 13-year veteran of BBBSKC. As COO, Erica directly supports all of BBBSKC’s external-facing teams and the daily operations of the agency, including Volunteer and Child Recruitment and Intake, Community Outreach, Human Resources, Finance, Systems & Innovation, and Office/Building Management. Erica also works directly with BBBSKC’s four satellite offices in St. Joseph, Clinton, Warrensburg, and Maryville, MO and is the staff liaison for the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Advisory Board. Erica is a part of the 5-person executive team at BBBSKC and contributes to making agency and leadership decisions to drive BBBSKC forward.

Erica graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a bachelor’s degree in English, Creative Writing. Erica, first introduced to BBBSKC as a Bowl for Kids’ Sake Team Captain in 2004, served on staff at BBBSKC for nearly 11 years as Special Events Coordinator, Special Events Manager, and Director of Special Events before being named Chief Operating Officer in 2018. During her time in the Fundraising department, BBBSKC signature events like Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake and the Most Wanted Auction achieved incredible growth: Under Erica’s leadership, Summer Bowl for Kids’ Sake revenue tripled, and overall special event revenue grew from $550,000 in 2008 to $1.5 million in 2018.

Since becoming COO, Erica’s team has added 10 brand-new positions. Thanks to her steady hand and guidance, the Operations team processed more volunteers in 2020 than in 2019, hosted over 950 people at Be a Big info sessions, and led over 1,500 storytelling sessions with local community members and groups. In 2020, BBBSKC hosted the “Biggest Info Session Ever,” and through Erica’s leadership and presentation, over 250 people attended the event, 115 of which applied to be a Big that night. During her time at BBBSKC, Erica has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Avant-Garde Award for Innovation in Fundraising, an Excellence in Volunteer Management Award, and Kansas City’s Big Sister of the Year.

“Having the opportunity to lead mission-driven work that defends the potential of local youth at BBBSKC is, hands down, one of the most important parts of my life,” said Erica. “I am so passionate about this work because I’ve seen how adding one more positive adult in the life of a child can help them achieve their biggest possible future; it’s happening every single day right here in Kansas City. It might sound corny, but I’ve been waking up for the last 13 years knowing I have the best job on the planet.”

In addition to her work at BBBSKC, Erica has been a Big Sister to three different Littles. She and her husband have been matched as a Big Couple with their Little Brother, Dylan, for the past 13 years. Her Little Sister, Pearl, is 30 years old now, and they still see each other on a regular basis. In 2019, they were matched as a Big Couple with their new Little Brother, Mark.


Tiffany Stuck has been at BBBSKC for 13 years. As CDO, Tiffany leads the agency’s Fundraising team to raise funds through generous supporters, companies and special events. Under Tiffany’s leadership, the Special Events and Development teams raise the necessary resources to fund BBBSKC’s $5 million annual budget. Tiffany is a part of the 5-person executive team at BBBSKC and contributes to making agency and leadership decisions to drive BBBSKC forward.

Tiffany graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in communication. Thirteen years ago, she joined the staff at BBBSKC as a Special Events Intern. Over the past decade, she has risen from intern to Project Coordinator, from Project Coordinator to Development Coordinator, from Development Coordinator to Director of Development, and now from Director of Development to Chief Development Officer.

Under Tiffany’s leadership, BBBSKC’s fundraising strength has tripled from $1.7 million to $5.1 million. In 2020, the agency celebrated its first-ever million-dollar event, raising $1.3 million through the Most Wanted Auction — a credit to Tiffany’s leadership and her amazing team. Tiffany has also led the charge on creating new initiatives at Big Brothers Big Sisters, including the Corporate Club (a group of business CEOs that financially support BBBS), Match Makers (a monthly giving program, now used nationally by other BBBS agencies), and the Impact Sponsorship concept (yearlong sponsorship opportunities for corporate partners). Alongside CEO Micheal Lawrence, Tiffany helped to lead fundraising efforts for a $3.3 million capital campaign to relocate the BBBS headquarters from Westport to a newly renovated building in the Crossroads. In 2018, she received the AFP – Avant-Garde Award for Innovation in Fundraising.

“I have the best fundraising team by my side,” said Tiffany. “They are passionate, dedicated, and driven to do whatever it takes to deliver a successful event or build on a relationship with a supporter. I am thankful to have the team that we do and enjoy finding ways to help them grow and develop as I’ve been fortunate to have mentors in my life who took the time to help develop me.”

Tiffany’s connections to BBBSKC go well beyond her role as CDO. Tiffany has been matched with her Little Sister, M’racle, since 2012, and she met her husband through BBBSKC when he attended an event nearly 9 years ago. Outside of the agency, Tiffany is a member of the Class of 2018 Centurions and is a previous member of the genKC Board and the Junior League.


Kristi Hutchison is one of the longest-serving members of the BBBSKC staff with over 16 years of experience. As CMO, Kristi leads the marketing team that works to grow the agency’s brand awareness and increase volunteerism and donations.  The marketing team works to externally promote the brand to the community and serves as an in-house marketing firm to develop marketing strategies and campaigns to drive results. Kristi and her team specialize in strategic marketing plans, public relations, branding, design, photography, videography, social media, website management, email marketing, advertising, storytelling, and public speaking.

Kristi graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. A past Big Sister herself, Kristi originally joined the BBBSKC team as communications director before moving up to Chief Marketing Officer in 2010. Kristi has played an important role in elevating the brand that has assisted in BBBSKC in being named one of the top nonprofits in KC and one of the top-performing Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies in the nation. Since 2018, Kristi and her team have won 12 local awards for excellence in marketing, social media, and branding.

Kristi and her team have been an integral part of how BBBSKC has grown and transformed volunteer recruitment through target marketing strategies and campaigns. Kristi also played an important role in the BBBSA marketing task force that led the Big Brothers Big Sisters brand transformation over a 2-year period. Thanks to Kristi’s leadership, the BBBSKC marketing team is considered by the BBBSA national office to be one of the best in the country, and therefore was asked to lead the charge on the brand transformation for the entire BBBS network. Kristi is still a member of the national BBBSA marketing task force and participates in marketing and branding thought leadership for the BBBS network.

“I feel very blessed to work with the most amazing people at BBBSKC and do it for a mission that is truly changing lives,” said Kristi. “I love taking on new challenges and making a true, deep impact in our agency and in the community.”

In addition to her work in branding and marketing for BBBSKC, Kristi is a part of the 5-person executive team at BBBSKC and contributes to making agency and leadership decisions to drive BBBSKC forward. She is also taking a lead role in new diversity, equity and inclusion efforts for the agency. Outside of the agency, she is a sought-after speaker on marketing at local and national events.


Tonya Jackson’s career at BBBSKC spans nearly 20 years. As CPO for BBBSKC, Tonya manages the largest team at BBBSKC (27 team members) and is responsible for the quality of the services provided to children, families, and volunteers. Tonya works closely with the CEO to create and execute a strategic vision for the Program Team while continuously evaluating the program for a comprehensive plan that ensures the quality, efficiency, compliance, and consistency of BBBS programming. Tonya is a part of the 5-person executive team at BBBSKC and contributes to making agency and leadership decisions to drive BBBSKC forward.

Tonya graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a master’s degree in communication studies. She first joined the staff as a Case Manager and also served as Senior Case Manager, Manager of Enrollment and Matching, and Director of Enrollment and Matching before moving into her current role as Chief Program Officer.

Under Tonya’s leadership, the Program Team has innovated and flourished. With her guidance, the Program Team has restructured its program service delivery model, transitioned to a paperless enrollment process, created a standing Safety Committee, and empowered a new 5-person mid-level management team to help provide direct coaching and guidance to the team’s Match Support Specialists and Enrollment & Matching Specialists. Throughout the changes, the Program Team has regularly set new records, most recently by creating 75 Matches in a single month.

As the leader of BBBSKC’s largest department, Tonya brings a wealth of expertise and a clear vision for fulfilling the agency’s mission.

“I am passionate about our work because I can relate to the children and families we serve, both through first-hand experiences and proximity,” said Tonya. “As such, I feel a sense of responsibility to make sure that we are serving our families with dignity and respect — to ensure that we are able to meet the unique experiences of our Littles with excellence in service, inclusion, and access to opportunities so that they may thrive in all facets of their lives.”

Additionally, Tonya is a member of the Central Exchange Emerging Leaders Program Class of 2018 and was a member of the inaugural class of the Nonprofit Connect Nonprofit Managers Institute.

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