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Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City works to clear the path to a child’s biggest possible future by matching them with a caring, adult mentor in a one-to-one friendship. “Bigs” help “Littles” ignite, empower and defend their potential by standing with them. Last year, 100% of the Senior Littles graduated high school, 83% reported improved self esteem and 71% reported improved grades since being matched.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Our Leadership

Our talented and dedicated Board of Directors leads the BBBSKC agency in making important decisions and guiding the organization to success.

Current Members:

  • Adam Miller
  • Alfredo Garcia
  • Andrew Gilstrap
  • Andy Wiltz
  • Anthony Carey
  • Ashley Mahoney
  • Chris Evans
  • Chris Kolquist
  • Cynthia Simpson
  • Dana Jermain
  • Dana Tatum
  • Delia Marin
  • Erica Jones
  • Issac Collins
  • Jeff Dreiling
  • Jeff King
  • Liz Lewis
  • Marshall Lockton
  • Melissa Beltrame
  • Rekha Lakshmanan
  • Rob Adams
  • Ruth Brackney
  • Ryan Manies
  • Scott P. Strawn
  • Tandra Stacer
  • Tanner Cain
  • Yolanda Waldon

The Big Impact Group is a group of dedicated young professionals who volunteer their time, talents and energy to support fundraising and recruitment initiatives. Staff liaisons for the Big Impact Group are Maggie Kloss and Kevin Clarke.

Current Members:

  • Alessandra Graber
  • Alex Atkinson
  • Allison Clements
  • Andrew Vogliardo
  • Avery Bowers
  • Chad Gerdes
  • Chioma Atanmo
  • Derek Stuchlik
  • Elaine King
  • Emily Thorpe
  • Erin Williamson
  • Hannah Vick
  • Ivan Ramirez
  • Jessica Marsh
  • Johanna Laxton
  • Jordan Canupp
  • Justin Mutzbauer
  • Kaitlyn Steinacher
  • Kara Miller
  • Katasha Kumar
  • Katelyn Peter
  • Kristen Koerber
  • Kyle Harsha
  • Leslie Mann
  • MacKenzie Magwire
  • Mary Cate Reinert
  • Mary Maxine Luber
  • Megan McClure
  • Melanie Clark
  • Melissa Windon
  • Michael Klingler
  • Michael Giangregorio
  • Michelle Fontes
  • Mike Lierz
  • Patrick LeSage
  • Shane Gordon
  • Shelbi Neel
  • Taran Speak
  • Tim Jardine
  • Tony Dougherty
  • Zach Harsch
  • Zane Thompson

Learn more about the Big Impact Group here >

This board focuses on BBBSKC's partnership with Savers Thrift Stores and the clothing donation business. They make decisions that lead a productive and profitable model that provides funding to the BBBSKC program.

Current Members:

  • Alex Block
  • Brandon McManamy
  • Brett Wacha
  • Ed Broxterman
  • Jason Buck
  • Jeff Shipley
  • Jim Gates
  • Matt Habiger
  • Michael Briscoe
  • Robert Beltrame
  • Sandy Aschenbrenner
  • Scott Keen

The Big Brothers Big Sisters DEI Board is a group of community leaders that champion Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives for the agency by focusing on recruiting volunteers to become Bigs. The goal of the DEI Advisory Board is to recruit diverse Bigs through community outreach, networking at various events, fostering meaningful relationships with community leaders, and helping to provide inclusive programming. There is an increase of Littles who identify with the LGBT community and roughly 80% of Littles in the program are children of color; therefore, the need for a more diverse volunteer pool continues to be a top priority for BBBSKC and the board. The DEI Advisory Board uses their connections, passion, and knowledge to provide resources to BBBSKC, brainstorm new ideas, assist in planning events and campaigns designed around diverse recruitment, and increase our inclusive community presence.  The staff liaisons for the DEI Advisory Board are Anna Munguia and Joey Schmidt.


  • Allie Rojas-Meier
  • Amy Rodriguez
  • Brian Kantanka
  • Brittany Connor
  • Brooke Douglas
  • Chris Williams
  • Christoper Hernandez
  • Clara Anderson Sainte
  • David Rodriguez
  • Iheanyi Amadi
  • Jasmine Thompson
  • Jayson Cuba
  • Jenna Scott
  • Jonathan Vargas
  • Kimberlee Fields
  • Kim Wallace Carlson
  • Kyra Kendrick
  • Lauren McMiller
  • Lauren Rios
  • Leigh Doner
  • Maira Herandez
  • Mohamed Dia
  • Na'im Al-Amin
  • Omar Husain
  • Rachael Pegg
  • Rani Lange
  • RC Hahn
  • Ryan Bernsten
  • Sami Dunn
  • Suzanne Wheeler
  • Thamara Subramanian
  • Tiffany Scantlebury-Wheeler
  • Tiffany Willis
  • Tracy VanVlack
  • Veronica Ford

Diversity & Inclusion Statement from CEO

Through their ongoing contribution of skills, time, connections and financial resources, members of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City Ambassadors serve as volunteer leaders who foster the agency’s growth and good work following their formal responsibilities as part of the Board of Directors.

Current Members:

  • Andre Davis
  • Antonio Castanon
  • Brad Markes
  • Jennifer Matney
  • Jennifer Schuler
  • Jeremy Schafer
  • Jerry Cooke
  • Jim Lipari
  • Kevin Kalish
  • Lee Brumitt
  • Marc Woodward
  • Matt Linski
  • Paul Kushnir
  • Rachel Smith
  • Rik Siro
  • Rob Sprague
  • Ryan Shreve
  • Terry Satterlee
  • Thomas W. Van Dyke
  • Tom Holcom
  • Doug Jones

About Our CEO

Micheal Lawrence, CEO of BBBSKC, has dedicated his life to creating life-changing friendships for children. He started with the agency over 25 years ago as a Case Manager and has held nearly every position on staff. For the past several years, as CEO, he has transformed the agency into one of the top in the country. Under Micheal's leadership, BBBSKC has: 

  • Been named Agency of the Year (out of 350 affiliates) four out of the last six years 
  • Grown Active Matches by 79% 
  • Moved to a new headquarters in the Crossroads 
  • Increased revenue by 245% 
  • Received awards for Best Places to Work, Top KC Non-Profit and much more
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Micheal Lawrence, CEO of BBBSKC

Our Team

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One of the most rewarding ways to get involved is to work with us. A career with BBBS is an opportunity to merge your talents and personal values with your desire to make a difference. Every day, we are changing the perspectives of children and enabling them to see the world around them in a more positive light. With that newfound point of view, they can see their potential more clearly and dream bigger about their future. Our success is a result of committed and inspired employees, working together to make a lasting impact on America's youth, schools, and communities. We need talented and passionate people who are committed to a diverse workforce with representation from every walk of life. Our organization is enhanced when we unite people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City offers a flexible work environment that is upbeat and fun. BBBSKC was named by NP Times as one of the best nonprofits to work.

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We Achieve Big Things


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