Our Leadership

FRONT ROW | Jennifer Matney, Cary Miller, Paul Hunt, Erica Cohen, Jeremy Schafer

MIDDLE ROW | Rachele Kolom, Cathy Baier, Kim Wilkerson, Chris Ferraro, Dolly Wood, Shannon Stites, Elise Kirchhofer, Tim DeSett

BACK ROW | Ryan Shreve, Dave Chaffin, Derek Dummermuth, Rob Adams, Sunny Wathanancharoen, Jeff Keyes, John Owen, Jesse Sendejas, Trish Wallker

NOT PICTURED | André Davis, Grant Gordon, Doug Jones, Dean Newton, Kim Winslow

FRONT ROW | Jillian Otis, Sadie Williamson, Boston Loveless, Amelia Mendus, Ashley Mitchell

MIDDLE ROW | Brynn Ferraro, Jessica Taylor, Derek O’Dell, Kate Sweeten, Cassie Sandidge, Jasmin Williams, Taylor Stucky, Mandi Jean Retter, Megan Murray, Whitney Dunn, Mandy Jordan

BACK ROW | David Smart, Andrew Atwell, Parker Webb, Tommy Kennedy, TJ Collins, David English, Dylan Gill, Kyle Rohde, Rob Smith, Blake Green, Michelle Bogowith

NOT PICTURED | Jaron Ludwig, Alex DeMarais, David Case, Ian Finch, Sean McCarthy, Jordan Ferger, Paige Akins, April Klimek, Chris Rosburg, Chad Hotovec

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FRONT ROW | Micheal Lawrence, Brandon McManamy, Jeff Shipley

MIDDLE ROW | Piero Ferrante, Robert Beltrame, Bud Wackerle, Michael Briscoe, Eric Gonsher

BACK ROW | Chris Hess, Craig Mattke, Jim Gates, Ed Broxterman, Bret Wacha, Scott Keen, Greg Sweeney, Jason Buck

NOT PICTURED | Sandy Aschenbrenner, Mitzi Marchant

FRONT ROW | India Williams, Gene Willis, Tahir Atwater, Nakisha Bausby, Eric Wilkinson

BACK ROW | Gabe Munoz, Chantell Garrett, Andre Davis, Jacob Derritt, Micheala Mathiesen, Scott Cruce

NOT PICTURED | Adam Miller, Anna Bazan, Ariel Anib, Chandra Clark, Daniel Silva, Eric Groves, Jason Walters, Kristi Hutchison, Leo Prieto, Michael Sweeney, Nyamusi "Nya" Igambi, Sherry Williams, Tiffany Williams

Diversity & Inclusion Statement from CEO

About Our CEO

Micheal Lawrence, CEO of BBBSKC, has dedicated his life to creating life-changing friendships for children. He started with the agency 25 years ago as a Case Manager and has held nearly every position on staff. For the past ten years, as CEO, he has transformed the agency into one of the top in the country. Under Micheal's leadership, BBBSKC has: 

  • Been named Agency of the Year (out of 350 affiliates) four out of the last six years 
  • Grown Active Matches by 79% 
  • Moved to a new headquarters in the Crossroads 
  • Increased revenue by 245% 
  • Received awards for Best Places to Work, Top KC Non-Profit and much more
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Micheal Lawrence, CEO of BBBSKC

Our Team

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BBBS Careers

Jobs with a Purpose

One of the most rewarding ways to get involved is to work with us. A career with BBBS is an opportunity to merge your talents and personal values with your desire to make a difference. Every day, we are changing the perspectives of children and enabling them to see the world around them in a more positive light. With that newfound point of view, they can see their potential more clearly and dream bigger about their future. Our success is a result of committed and inspired employees, working together to make a lasting impact on America's youth, schools, and communities.

We need talented and passionate people who are committed to a diverse workforce with representation from every walk of life. Our organization is enhanced when we unite people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City offers a flexible work environment that is upbeat and fun. BBBS-KC was named by NP Times as one of the best nonprofits to work. 

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Rent Our Space

Big Brothers Big Sisters has an event space with a roof top deck that can be rented by the public. Each space can hold 75-100 guests comfortably. Rental includes use of both spaces. Money made from these space rentals helps to fund our program and make life-changing friendships. All rentals are based on building and staff availability.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about rentals, contact Erin Liversidge or submit our reservation request form.

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